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Students have their own varying understanding skills due to their own classroom attention, learning environment, family background & support; ability to recollect the references learned from previous lessons or classes, and so on.

Hence, Easy Marks have developed simplified study contents suitable for all students studying in State Board, Matriculation and CBSE syllabuses

Easy Marks is a student centric learning method and offering study programs with exceptional explanations; numerous questions and answers & unlimited practice papers for students from class 8 to 12.

We are a community of subject experts and educationists focusing on a student-centric learning methodology

We know that each student has their own unique cognitive learning skills, and therefore, we customise the study material for better understanding, practice, and to be successful in competitive exams.

We have developed AI enabled technology to assist the learning process. Students can explore the verified and curated contents that will help the students to deep dive into our repository.

Our objective is to make the journey of learning easy and empowering


Exploration by students using our AI Tools, online tests and evaluation
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