The paramount issue in Indian education system is ‘pushing the responsibility’ to others.  

Parent pushes the student to schools expecting that school will bring them up with necessary components and tools to handle the future job hunting.

School pushes the student to teachers, trusting that they have hired the best teaching minds and will do necessary imparting of knowledge.

Teacher pushes the students to submerge in text books and to memorise as much as possible with some exam techniques to score marks and pass out the classes.

Obviously, these ‘push and pull game’ is a monstrous vicious cycle and has been on roll for many decades expecting the kinetic energy will keep the motion intact. That’s the tragic story of this country in every aspects.  From individuals to government, they are all depending on the inner motion to keep the ball rolling.

The inner force has its own termination, sometimes due to lack of energy within and many times from external forces.  Students have no clue and so do the parents of where and when the motion would stop.

What is the solution? The solution is to realise the truth and change the learning functions by recognising that the ‘push and pull’ strategy do not bring desired results, especially for parents.  The ignorant of parents is the bliss for most schools. 

Education is a collective journey where the parents also require to travel along with their son and daughters.  ‘I have learned this lesson from my children’ and spent considerable time with them to motivate, guide and help to sort out certain learning issues, though I can’t teach them all the subjects.  My wife had spent lot of hours with them even though she was not adequately capable to teach them anything.  But all we did was made our presence in every hours of their learning process at home.

Students are always at disadvantageous position because, neither they would tell their problems nor shred them off by themselves.  In addition to their confused learning journey, they do require to vent off their natural inclinations of recreation, sports, entertainment and hanging around among friends. 

When the parents start realising the pandemonium, they would able to diagnose the problem.  The problem at present is ‘students are not enjoying their studies’.  How to make them to enjoy the learning process?  

We in Easy Marks have thought about it few years back and took the initiative of changing the learning dynamics.  We want you as a parent give a try with us to make your children ‘enjoying the studies’.

I request all the parents to think on it.  

Best wishes.

Akbar Batcha