Interestingly, many educational institutions in India choose to engage with their students through online teaching.  In fact, that’s the only option available to them due to pandemic condition. But, are these institutions does any research or studies about the effectiveness of online teaching? Have they collected feedbacks from students and parents to measure the online teaching performances? Perhaps, very few might have done it due to their natural service mindset and hunger to improve their status and image. But many are not because of their operation and objectives of the institution is not student centric.

It doesn’t mean that online teaching is a failure.  Meanwhile, during pandemic situation, thousands of teachers and graduates offers online teaching classes out of curiosity and interest to share their knowledge even for free.  But both these individuals and institutions do not consider the fact that online teaching is a ‘monologue’ unless the student pay attention to the class.  It’s like surplus supply with less or no demand.

Easy Marks conducted a study and analysed the impact of online classes.  It is understood from the study that less than 50% of the students are attending the online classes and the worse is that only 10% of them are understanding the teaching.  This is absolutely alarming and dangerous considering the prolonged shutting off schools.  Meanwhile, the board exams are also getting cancelled due to inconvenience in conducting physical presence of students in examination halls inviting millions of students to schools.  The net result is students have lost the important subject learnings for more than a year.

But what we found is that the method of teaching along with study material remain same which is irreconcilable with current situation. This is the most important and fundamental flaw being exposed with online teaching system. Well, Coronavirus have opened up many weakness from individual to institutional life everywhere and seldom understood that the phenomenon of change that is needed in both teaching and learning methods.

Therefore, we developed  a completely different ‘teaching and learning’ method with the ultimate aim of ‘building the minds and not filling the minds’. Our study contents included external information necessary for students to understand the concept. Also, the learning with Easy Marks are fun filled and easy to study, understand and revise, thus gives necessary enthusiasm to students for self learning.

Meanwhile, true to the name of Easy Marks, we make it everything easy for students, such as the study contents, method, question bank, practice papers, 24/7 communication with teachers, online classes on demand and many more.

Dear parents, join with Easy Marks for a new journey in student’s life and conquer the future for them.

Akbar Batcha

CEO & Project Director

Easy Marks

Maxvision Academy