Humans are born to succeed, not to survive. Are you ready to compete with hundreds and thousands of fellow students in Tamil Nadu?

MindsIndia is a platform where comprehensive analyses of a student is evaluated through an innovative talent competition which includes both academic and nonacademic skills

The competition includes eleven key skills:

  • Academic preparedness
  • Winning characteristics
  • Creative skills
  • Aptitude
  • IQ
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Logical conclusion
  • Analytical capability
  • Presence of mind
  • Personality and
  • Leadership skills

Competing Groups

Group 1A: Senior Girls (11th and 12th students)
Group 1B: Senior Boys (11th and 12th students) 
Group 2A Junior Girls (9th and 10th students)
Group 2B: Junior Boys (9th and 10th students)
Group 3A Sub Junior Girls (7th and 8th students)
Group 3B Sub Junior Boys (7th and 8th students)
The benefit to students:
  • A well structured evaluation program for academic preparedness.
    • Appearing for MindsIndia competition will help the students to know how much they are prepared to handle challenges when they go to higher classes
    • Their current academic strength
    • How to focus on the strengths and eliminate weakness
    • Students will know their special talents
  • Preliminary paper includes the questions that are expected in higher study competitive exams like JEE, NEET, IAEEE, CAT, CLAT, UPSC
    • MindsIndia is helping the students prepare from early an stage of their classes
    • Appearing for competitive exams require year long preparation.  MIndsIndia gives those opportunities right from seventh standard
    • MindsIndia is helping students to take the subjects seriously and show their strength to the real competitive world.
  • The uniqueness and beauty of MindsIndia is that it includes every aspect of character building for a courageous and competent youth
    • The inclusion of questions related to IQ, Emotional Intelligence, Creativity, Leadership skills are new to such competitive exams, especially at the early stage is interesting
    • Creating opportunities to build necessary competitive skills and characteristics among students through existing syllabus pattern.
    • MindsIndia finds a unique way to include them through the contests.
For parents and institutions:

MindsIndia is a premier innovative and intelligence competition encompassing the fundamentals that are vital for a student’s success with a vision of integrated approach to global competitiveness. A student may choose any employment career and prefer to live in any part of the world, but require strong competitive ability to achieve his or her goal. Otherwise, he or she has to live with a permanent mindset of “fear of failure”.

We have simply forgotten the truth that the energy, competitiveness and corporal daring is totally devoid to our children and we let them grow under the control of a subconscious brain.  We limit their capabilities to a few areas and completely fail to recognize their soft skills that can sell hard skills. We are squeezing them to work hard and fit them into a particular world while they are born to stand out.

Every student is capable of doing something extraordinary but requires the right environment and opportunity.  However, building a competitive talent among students is not a challenge, but finding the right talent competition with a mix of academic and soft skills which are relatively few or unknown in India. Most state and national level competitions are either confined to academic oriented or completely non-academic related. 

MindsIndia competitive tests are not just one off question papers to find out the students memory skills or IQ level. The competition is filled with lots of fun, enjoyment and ability to bring out student’s hidden talents to prepare them for higher studies and an employment career.

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